How To Remove Internal Condensation on Double Glazing

Have you ever saw condensation build-up at the bottom of your window frames inside your home? If you have not observed it in the past, go and have a look.

It normally occurs in the cooler months, so if you’ve just been to take a look and then come back to this article, we apologise!

However it is a problem that lots of property owners face which, isn’t truly a problem.

It’s actually a great indication, it’s informing you that your double glazing is working.

When cold air satisfies warm glass, condensation happens and produces a build-up of water in the corner of your windows.

And if left unattended it can lead to damp or mould, so it’s finest if you clear it up before any health threats begin to take place.

In this blog site, we will offer you some simple suggestions and tricks to eliminate internal double glazing condensation and keep on top of your window upkeep.

What causes condensation accumulation?
In the colder months, condensation build-up is more than most likely to take place due to the cold air coming into contact with the warm surface area on window panes.

Why does this occur? Due to the fact that as the days and nights begin to get cooler we put the heating on, take pleasure in warm baths, dry our clothing inside, all of which warms your house up to a temperature level that isn’t matched outside.

This then produces condensation on the within the window as the cold air from the outside fulfills the warm windows from the heat produced within.

One method to remove this concern is by opening windows to permit ventilation to flow through your home, which will assist with the condensation concern. Or make use of extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom to let any steam or heat escape and to let air flow through your house. It does not need to be for long, just long enough to have airflow and to eliminate the excess heat.

However what should you do when it’s the middle of Winter and below freezing? Opening the window seems like the last thing you ‘d wish to do.

Utilise a hairdryer to get rid of condensation in double glazing
We don’t indicate start drying your hair as quickly as you’ve gotten out the shower.

Instead, as a cottage hack, use your hairdryer to get rid of any condensation build-up around your double glazing

Please remember that this is just a short-term repair and needs to just be treated as one.

If it has been left for too long, there may perspire or mould beginning to occur. If this is the case, you should take safety measures and seek advice from an expert for mould elimination, as it can be a risk to health.

Whilst this approach might be fine for the chillier months once it starts to happen, as a more long-lasting option you might need to look at other options.

How to repair condensation in double glazing.
For more of a long-lasting fix, think about keeping windows open somewhat to enable consistent air flow. By doing so, this will ensure that your home is frequently ventilated and ought to minimise the build-up of condensation.

Other solutions could be to use an extractor fan when cooking or when having a bath to permit steam and heat to escape through the fan, instead of causing it to flow through the house which may affect the temperature level of the windows and trigger condensation to happen.

If your house is naturally warm and condensation is usually a concern for you, then consider investing in a dehumidifier which can take in a lot of the excess water in the air and aid keep your home dry and keep condensation at bay.

Whilst this might be a costly, one-off cost, see it as more of an investment to keep your crowning achievement the way it should.

Condensation between the two window panes
If you experience condensation inside your double glazing, this could be cause for concern and you may require to discover an installer to get your double glazing fixed.

It might be that there’s a fracture in the window seal, or that your seals have stopped working, in either case, we would highly recommend you speak to a double glazing professional who can best recommend you on the next steps to take.

Remain on top of your double glazing

Make certain to remain on top of your double glazing, especially in the chillier months where condensation is more than most likely going to occur.

Use our hairdryer technique discussed in this article for a short-term repair; for anything longer, you might require to purchase a dehumidifier or you may have a concern with your double glazing if condensation continues to happen.

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