The Best Secondary Glazing System?

If you live in a listed building or sanctuary, require to minimise sound pollution, or merely do not want to buy yet another set of brand-new windows, the chances are you’re considering secondary glazing. And you’re certainly in the right location! However should you go for a completely installed secondary glazing choice, or are you considering doing it yourself? Brixton Glaziers will look at the benefits and drawbacks of each option.


Lots of companies now offer Do It Yourself secondary glazing kits and you can discover lots of help online to take you through how to install it. The packages provided by companies are customized and contain directions as well as a determining guide.

The primary advantage of these packages are how cheap they are: if cost is seriously a factor to consider, or you are looking for a quick stop-gap option, then Do It Yourself packages can be excellent in a pinch. In truth, we have numerous consumers who formerly trialed Do It Yourself secondary glazing items to test the concept prior to order something much more professional!

The majority of Do It Yourself secondary glazing kits are made from acrylic or Perspex, making them simple to cut and install. Nevertheless, this comes at a cost: acrylic and Perspex secondary glazing is not fire retardant, which should be a significant factor to consider for anybody relying on windows as a fire escape (for example, in upstairs bedroom).

The DIY nature of this kind of secondary glazing also tends to mean that there are no assurances on the installation of the work. While this is not an issue for everyday living (unless it drops!), it does mean that the work will not have any useful impact on your EPC score or the value of your residential or commercial property.

Set up

Set up secondary glazing services tend to be more expensive compared to their Do It Yourself counterparts, for apparent factors. You might also have a longer preparation to getting your setup over purchasing a DIY secondary glazing kit directly and fitting it yourself. Nevertheless, as the saying goes “good ideas pertain to those who wait”.

Set up secondary glazing services tend to have a warranty on the installation in addition to the systems themselves. This implies that you have assurance that your systems will not fail you. There are quite a few systems that are guaranteed for ten years, which is always beneficial when installing glazing and worrying about the future.

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